Service Providers for Deafblind People in Canada

Thank you to Kerry Wadman <> who provided a lot of this information.
APSEA: Atlantic Provinces
NOTE: APSEA is supposed to close down and move to Halifax, NS, in near future. Be warned!
Atlantic Provinces Resources Centre for the Hearing Handicapped
The Canadian Deaf-Blind and Rubella Association
There is an unofficial WWW page for CDBRA -- which seems to have gone..
The Bingo Bucks Committee (BBC) (of CNSDB)
The Canadian National Society of the Deaf-Blind (CNSDB)
Centre Dominique-Tremblay
This organisation does provide services to deafblind people.
The Provincial School for the Deaf
of Burnaby, Brisish Columbia has a program for deafblind students.
The Resource Centre for Manitobans who are Deaf-Blind (RCMDB)
W. Ross Macdonald School
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