Service Providers for Deafblind People in Japan

This page does not have addresse on it, but it has links to Japanese pages. The pages with titles in Japanese are copied from the pages themselves. I cannot display the characters correctly here, and could not read them anyway. Please forgive this limitation.
This has sections on the Status of Deafblind Persons in Japan, What is Interpreter/Intervenor, The 11 Local Clubs across Japan, about Japan's Deaf-Blind Association, Literature, related Links, etc.
Deafblind Information Network Japan.
DB-IN Japan is the countrywide network between persons who are deafblind, their families, teachers, professionals and other supporters. They now try to share domestic/international  information about Deafblindness through there home page. I do not have a posting Address for the Deafblind Information Network Japan but hope to get one soon.

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sizuoka morosya tomonokai
A deafblind Club in Shizuoka Prefecture on the Island of Honshu.
Club Ehime Prefecture in Shikoku
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