Moon Typewriter.

Proposers	Hugh Sasse <>
		Sandra Lee 


Some people find Braille difficult to read, perhaps because of their sense of touch or because the coding is very abstract. Another method of tactile reading is Moon, which is based on embossed lines, curves and circles, and where many of the letters share characteristics of their print counterparts, making it easy to learn.

The problem is that there is no good way to write moon at the moment. There is a moonwriter, but it involves drawing the characters out freehand, and it is slow, and the results are not very good. There is also a prototype system along the lines of a dymo tape gun, but this is also slow as you have to dial up the character and it only produces Moon on a strip of paper, not a page. There is now a Moon slate and a stencil, but this involves writing the Moon characters in reverse, and is also slow.

The aim of this project is to produce a typewriter which will produce clear Moon. The aspects that make this nontrivial are:

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