What's New on my Deafblindness WWW Resource?

7th May Added new Address for the DeafBlind New Zealand Incorporated.
28 April 2000 added the new e-mail address for Chris lagarde the manufacturer of the screen braille communicator. Also have tried to clean up my Service Providers for Deafblind People in Britain Page, and in time I will try and do the rest of thre Pages. and new information for the Canadian National Society of the Deaf-Blind on the Canadian Service Providers Page.
12 January 2000 Added a new Page with info about the EURO 2000, European Holidays for Deafblind People) Lampernisse (Belgium) : 27/08 - 02/09/2000.
16- December-1999 Added new info about CHARGE Family Support Group. on Britain Service Providers Page. and added the Deafblind Information Network Japan site in the  Service Providers for Deafblind People in Japan. and new info anout the EDbN - European Deafblind Network on the Service Providers for Deafblind People in Europe Page. and Added a new page to the site, it is a new page on  Service Providers for Deafblind People  Deafblind International DbI.. Added the new site address of the Foerdergemeinschaft fuer Taubblinde and also added in the private web page of Wolf-Dietrich Trenner.
There has been a lot more pages updated on the site, It has been a long time since I have worked at this site because I have been trying to do too many things and getting no where fast, so I hope to have this site up and running again the way it was.
30-SEPTEMBER-1999 Added new info about the Bristol Royal Society for the Blind Dual Sensory Loss Service Britain Service Providers Page.
29-SEPTEMBER-1999 Added info on the Britain Service Providers Page about the SW-Special, The DfEE Co-ordination Project.
22-SEPTEMBER-1999 I have been away on holiday and other things so the site has not been updated for some time. Right I have put new info on the Australian page about the Royal NSW Institute for Deaf and Blind Children dropping the NSW. and a new e-mail address for the Foreningen Norges døvblinde (FNDB) on my Europe page. A new page on the site about, Videos about Deafblindness Awareness, and Training Videos. this page has info about the new ASSUME NOTHING:  An Introduction to Deafblindness by the West Australian Deafblind Association. I hope it to be the first of many to be listed on this new page. I have also added another new page about the European Deafblind Union (EDBU) Which was founded on 3rd. September 1999. And on the equipment page new info about the Telephoning with Deaf-blind people over the PC, by Ulrich Greve. and The New Blazie UK web site URL. and Vuphonics software that is being developed for use by blind and deafblind people on my equipment Page. I have also added new information about the World Federation of The DeafBlind on my Worldwide Service Providers for Deafblind People Page.
08- AUGUST-1999 All the links to the Scottish Sensory Centre have been withdrawn from this site and my other site after an insulting e-mail letter was sent to me by one of there staff.. Added a new link on the Conference part on the index page,  It's the Seventh Helen Keller World Conference October 2001, in New Zealand by DeafBlind New Zealand Incorporated. The Deafblind Web Ring site by Sven Topp is no longer on the net.can't find it what so ever.so the link to it has been taken off the site.
23-JULY-1999 A new updated version of the Deafblind.FAQ by Hugh Sasse.
15-JULY-1999 Well it has been a little time since I added new info to the site so there is quite a bit going on it. Added a lot of new information on the Equipment Page. And on Service Providers for Deafblind People in The USA I have added the Center Self-Determination, and the Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind info. And a new link to Hugh Sasse Dos page on the main index page. Also on the UK Service Providers Page there is new info about Sense South West with there own Web site and E-mail address.There is a lot more to come, so keep coming back.
08-JULY-1999 Added the new Domain name for Deafblind UK, and there new E-mail address.
23-JUNE-1999 Made a new page for Service Providers for Deafblind People in Africa. info about Deafblind South Africa.
21-JUNE-1999 Added new info about the SuperBraille 2000, and a new link to the Braille Lite Page on Blazie. All of this info is on the Equipment Page.
15-JUNE-1999 Added link to the Teaching Orientation and Mobility Skills to Deaf-Blind Children Using Computer Generated Simulated Sound Environments.on the main Page.
14-JUNE-1999 New infomation on the Equipment Page about the Brailletalk and a link to Touching Solution to Medication Independence for Deaf-Blind Individuals: A Vibro-Tactile, Multi-Alarm, Wearable Medication Reminder.
14-JUNE-1999 Added new Address for the Croatian Association of deafblind persons DODIR and Web site.
25-MAY1999 A new Url for the Foerdergemeinschaft fuer Taubblinde e.V. newsletter.
20-MAY-1999 The site has a new owner, James Gallagher.
14-MAY-1999 Added India page (again!)
14-MAY-1999 Updated Norwegian Central Unit for the Deafblind's details on Europe page
03-MAY-1999 Managed to trash the entire site. Restored from backups to about 26 April
26-APR-1999 Added Close Down notice.
15-APR-1999 Updated New Zealand page.
06-APR-1999 Added Australian conference to main page.
29-MAR-1999 Updated John Wenberg's RP page address on main page.
26-MAR-1999 Updated New Zealand page.
11-FEB-1999 Added "Mississippi Services for Children and Young Adults with Deaf-Blindness" on USA page.
11-FEB-1999 Added links to James Gallagher's list of organisations on USA & main page.
09-FEB-1999 Added "www." to perkins URL to correct it on USA page.
27-JAN-1999 Added Intervernor program from Medicine Hat College to main page.
27-JAN-1999 Moved all courses to #conf on main page.
14-JAN-1999 Added Linux info to main page.
04-JAN-1999 Added Planet Arrington's Usher info to main page.
17-DEC-1998 Updated Bapin's e-mail (Arkansas DB...) on USA page.
17-DEC-1998 Updated Information Center for Acquired Deafblindness e-mail on Europe page.
08-DEC-1998 Added HKNC's list of courses to main page.
16-NOV-1998 Updated Tactaid link on Equipment page.
13-NOV-1998 Added Katlyn's Hope, Inc. to USA page.
13-NOV-1998 Changed name of Deafblind Link to A-Z to Deafblindness on main page.
02-OCT-1998 Changed "updated" to "modified" on the Main page.
not all the info on the sub pages is updated when a chnage is made, so this looked inaccurate.
02-OCT-1998 added link to Finnish DB Assoc Web site on the Europe page.
02-OCT-1998 added Instituten for Døvblinde (Denmark) to the Europe page.
25-SEP-1998 added link to my e-mail page from the main page.
25-SEP-1998 adjusted links to my deafness and my blindness information from the main page.
21-SEP-1998 added Speech to Braille project to equipment page.
17-SEP-1998 added Deafblind Web Ring to main page.
07-SEP-1998 added link to HKNC site to USA page.
04-SEP-1998 updated getweb info, added www4mail to main page.
19-AUG-1998 Deafblind International conference to mai page.
19-AUG-1998 Updated APASCIDE info (Spain) on Europe page.
06-AUG-1998 Updated links to J. L Sasser's Usher info on main page.
14-JUL-1998 Added link to Leader Dogs to the USA page.
04-JUN-1998 Added link to George Askews Retinal Degeneration Resouces to the Usher Syndrome part of the main page.
01-JUN-1998 Added link to Cloudworld to equipment page.
10-APR-1998 Added link to Gerald Boyd's accessing the internet by email page to main page.
06-APR-1998 Added RCMDB to Canada page.
03-APR-1998 Added NFB's Deaf-Blind Resource list to main page.
02-APR-1998 Added NFB's technology page to Windows Access secion on main page.
01-APR-1998 Added CNSDB link to Canada page.
31-MAR-1998 Added info about AskEric to main page.
31-MAR-1998 Added info about CHARGE-L list to main page & FAQ..
30-MAR-1998 Added link to Deafblind Network Australia on main page..
27-MAR-1998 The Communications section on the main page.
26-MAR-1998 added e-mail address to Minnesota DB Assoc, on USA page.
19-MAR-1998 added a link to The Foundation Fighting Blindness's text only page to the main page
16-MAR-1998 added a link to the Low Vision Gateway's page about deafblindness to the main page
16-MAR-1998 Moved a few things abount in the internet secion on the main page
10-MAR-1998 added a link to Hearing Concern's Usher page to the main page
10-MAR-1998 added a few links for parents to the main page
06-MAR-1998 added link to README file for Dewtronics Braille closed caption machine to equpment page
28-JAN-1998 added info about OpenDOS to windows access section. of main page.
22-JAN-1998 added "lightwriter" and "Screen Braille Communicator" to equipment page
15-JAN-1998 updated Norwegian Central Team for the Deafblind details on Europe page
09-JAN-1998 updated deafblind manual links. Added Scottish Sensory Centre pages
08-JAN-1998 added note to Equipment page that the Talking Disc is no more.
08-JAN-1998 added DB UK Scotland's courses and Usher info to main page.
05-JAN-1998 added FNDB to Norway entry on Europe page
19-DEC-1997 added Rose Resnick Lighthosee for the Blind to USA page
19-DEC-1997 added WWW site for Information Center for Acquired Deafblindness in Denmark on Europe page
17-DEC-1997 added more Usher and RP links to main page, and removed the dead Dundee link.
17-DEC-1997 added DVR D-B project, WI to USA page
17-DEC-1997 added more Rubella links to main page.
15-DEC-1997 updated NTAC info on USA page
15-DEC-1997 added links to Deafblind Association site on Australia page.
15-DEC-1997 added links to report on Text phones for Australian Deafblind people to my main page and the projects pages.
15-DEC-1997 added The Indiana Deaf-Blind Project to USA page
15-DEC-1997 added CHARGE Family Support Group to UK information.
11-DEC-1997 updated DOS browser info in the WWW Access section of the main page.
11-DEC-1997 updated link to Microsoft's Accessibility page in the Windows Access section of the main page.
10-DEC-1997 added link to HASICOM page from UK service providers and Equpment pages
04-DEC-1997 Added link from Perkins School for the Blind's Helen Keller page on main page.
04-DEC-1997 Added Entry for Perkins School for the Blind on USA page.
04-DEC-1997 Added Entry for Pennsylvania Deafblind Project on USA page.
04-DEC-1997 Added Entry for Iowa Project for Deafblind Services on USA page.
04-DEC-1997 Added link to Charge Syndrome Foundation on USA page.
03-DEC-1997 Deleted information as requested from New Zealand page.
12-NOV-1997 Added link to Accessing Internet by E-Mail FAQ to the E-mail services section.
12-NOV-1997 Added information about the ACCMAIL list to the E-mail services section.
06-NOV-1997 Added World Federation of the Deafblind to the new World page.
06-NOV-1997 Corrected entry for Swedish FSDB on Europe page
06-NOV-1997 Corrected some email addresses on Europe page
15-OCT-1997 Added National Centre of Expertise for Congetial Deafblindness, Denmark to the Europe page.
15-OCT-1997 Updated Nordic Staff Training centre's email, on Europe page.
30-SEP-1997 Added Deafblind New Zealand to New Zealand page
23-SEP-1997 Corrected "Ragin' Cajun" entry on USA page
12-SEP-1997 Added Illinois Deafblind Services to USA page
09-SEP-1997 Corrected Wolf-Dietrich Trenner's email address.
18-AUG-1997 Added Australian conference to list of Conferences
12-AUG-1997 Added Email address to INSITUT VOOR DOVEN,Holland.
This is on the Europe page.
06-AUG-1997 Taubblind Newsletter
Infomation about this German newsletter added to main page
25-JUL-1997 This is!
There was No What's New section before.
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