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Center for Deaf-Blind Persons - Israel

The Centre for Deaf Blind Persons in Israel was founded in 1989 to serve approximately 800 persons with deaf-blindness who live throughout the country.A large part of this population has Usher Syndrome. Today we offer a wide and varied spectrum of services.
Israel is a country of new immigrants and our special "Ulpan" programs to teach the Hebrew language both using Israeli Sign Language and in the written language is offered to newcomers from different parts of the world. The program is based in a cultural context to help in their assimilation.

In addition, we offer a Learning Centre that contains various computer adaptations and the teaching of independent living skills both for the deaf-blind and deaf-visually-impaired clients.There is an active social club which is attended by deaf blind persons from all over the country. A committee of deaf-blind persons is elected by the deaf-blind club members annually. in the weekly club meeting, we provide door to door transportation to those who are unable to come on their own. The activities at the club include various types of workshops (ceramics, judo, dance), presentations of various sorts, sports equipment, activities like sea sailing with specially trained guides, and more. At least once a year, the social club arranges a trip for 34 days to a different part of the country.
The club members are very interested in travelling abroad and we are presently investigating this possibility.
A new development this past year has been the creation of support groups One group is composed of young deaf-blind adults and another of parents of deaf-blind youth. In addition, a counsellors and clinical social workers are available when the need arises. There are various people who are involved with the Centre for Deaf-Blind Persons, both as staff members and as volunteers to help provide employment and study opportunities, interpreter services and volunteer help at home. The permanent staff consists of: The founder and director of the centre: Elias Kabakov,3 social workers, 3 teachers,volunteers, students
The Centre for Deaf-Blind Persons is open daily year round. It is closed for a period of two weeks at the end of August.

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