Deafblind International DbI

DbI is the world association promoting services for deafblind people.

As deafblindness is a low incidence disability the extent of activity in any one country will not be enough to maintain a distinct identity for this field. International networking and the sharing of information is essential to the development of the deafblind field and quality services for deafblind people. To learn from good practice we need to collaborate across national boundaries. DbI activities include: Deafblind International has a General Assembly that meets at the World Conference.  A Council runs DbI and is composed of representatives of large corporate organisations, small corporates and networks.  Individual membership does not give voting rights.

Deafblind International's objects are:

DbI Review  is the print magazine of Deafblind International.  It appears twice yearly, the two editions are dated January-June and July-December.  All members of DbI recieve the magazine.  If you would like to become a member of DbI and receive DbI Review then please click here.

Individuals can also be members and receive the Journal, DbI Review. This membership is free so that information can be available to all - but a donation is requested and should be paid if it can be afforded.

If you are interested in contributing articles to Deafblind Review, then you should e-mail suggestions or articles in either English or Spanish.


There are two categories of DbI membership, voting and non-voting.

Voting members consist of corporate bodies and international networks.  Corporate members are requested to subscribe an annual amount of between US$300 and $5,000.  Corporates have the opportunity to sit on DbI’s Council and vote at the General Assembly.  For further information and an application form for either Corporate or Network membership please contact the DbI Secretariat.

Non-voting members consist of individuals, national networks and non-subscribing corporates.  Non- voting members can contribute to the decision making process of DbI through either a corporate member or an international network.  Non-voting members will receive a copy of DbI Review and other relevant DbI information.  Non-voting membership is free, but an annual donation of US$30 is requested to cover costs.

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