DB Techies Newsletter.

6th October 2000

The Deafblind Techies Newsletter Number 10.


++ 1, Editorial.
++ 2, Gwen's New Column, A new feature for the DB Techies.
++ 3, The New free.uk.deafblind newsgroup.
++ 4, The DB Techies may be moving to topica.com.
++ 5, Adaptive Technology for the Internet: Making Electronic Resources Available to All.
++ 6, Accessing The Internet From The Keyboard The Windows Way by John Wilson.
++ 7, Stephen King's e-book The Plant Part Two.
++ 8, The New DB Techies Bits n Bytes News File.
++ 9, Download the past issues of the DB Techies.
++ 10, The Archives of the DB Techies Newsletter.
++ 11, To subscribe and unsubscribe from DB Techies.

++ 1. Editorial.

Welcome to another issue of the DB Techies, I hope that all of your are very well. Believe it or not the DB Techies is a year old this month, yes I know that there has only been Ten issues of the DB Techies sent out to the readers, the missing two where when I was about to go away on a holiday on these months.

I really thought that the DB Techies would last for a couple of months and then just fall away with no one reading it, we have 97 members on the list, a lot of work for so few readers of the DB Techies but we will give it another couple of months to learn if it is still worth doing it.

But thank you for taken the time to join this little newsletter and I hope that you do enjoy the DB Techies.

Well I have had a busy couple of months and things have not been going my way in any way over this time, my desk top computer has been playing up again and i have lost all my information that i had on it, I lucky that I have a drive to keep back ups of my web sites and other info. but all my e-mail letters where all lost, but they say that is the fun of PC's, I would love to get my hands on the person who said this I can tell you.

I have been using my Dell laptop over the past weeks to get access to the net and e-mail letters so it is a good thing to get a backup laptop with out it you would not be reading this issue of the DB Techies.  My desk top PC is over four years old now so it may be time for a new one.

We have some good info in this issue of the newsletter and a new feature, A new Column by Gwen.  I have to say that I was a little taken a back when Gwen asked me if she could write a Column in the DB Techies. Gwen is a very interesting person and I know that you will find Gwen's Column well worth reading I can tell you that. This is a feature that will be in all the DB Techies if Gwen is still willing to write it.

As i said above the past couple of months have brought me a few problems and all this because I bought a new keyboard, This was a Braille-In Keyboard from Papenmeier UK.

The Braille-In Keyboard emulates all functions of a PC keyboard, including all those key combinations with Shift, CTRL, ALT, etc.

Now I have always wanted a braille keyboard to use with my PC but have never been able to get one so I was over the moon to finally get one after many years of searching for it.

But for me the fun really started when it was delivered to me after waiting for some time for it to be  brought to the UK for me. After opening and installing it to my PC, this was easy because one just had to connect it into the keyboard port and one is up and running it's that easy.

But after working with it for a couple of moments I found that the space bar was not working, and thought to myself well i will need to get in touch with Papenmeier UK about this. so I sent a nice e-mail letter to tell them about the faulty Braille In keyboard, and waited and waited for a reply from them, I thought that they must be busy people so thought nothing of waiting a couple of days for a reply.

In my e-mail letter to Papenmeier UK I said that I was a Deafblind person so I would like to use this format to communicate between ourselves, this was OK with Papenmeier UK at first.

Well after a number of days I got an e-mail letter asking for my telephone number so they could talk to ME. I did give them my telephone number because I live at home so my Mother would be able to talk to them about this I thought little trouble with the Braille in keyboard.

They did phone and my mother did have a talk with them but the call turned a bit nasty, at first I just wanted a new Braille In keyboard, they said that this would take three months for a new one to be sent, and that they would send a keyboard to me until the new one comes.

This was fare enough but the man that my mother was talking too started to get a bit over the top with his nastiness.

So enough was enough of this and I sent an e-mail letter asking for my money back because the keyboard was faulty and the way that he had talk to my mother was dreadful.

He was not going to refund my 795 Pounds for the keyboard as he said that "one can not take back a new car to the maker because after trying it one doesn't like it any more"

But he missed the point that the keyboard was faulty.

So we had to go to a solicitor to get this problem fixed and within a number of days Papenmeier UK had back down as they had broken the Law over this matter.  And I can tell you he was not a happy man over this as my solicitor told us.

What was so silly about all this was that if Papenmeier UK had just replaced the braille In keyboard they would have had a happy Customer with a new braille in keyboard. but he had to be rued to my mother and there was no reason for that, and I was not going to have this man do this to my mother.

So I can say I will never never buy any thing from Papenmeier UK again. This is sad because I have bought much equipment from blazie UK and from Mr George Bell the Managing Director of Techno-Vision Systems Ltd
web site: http://www.techno-vision.co.uk

George and the people at Blazie UK have given be a lot of help and time when I have bought something from them. Papenmeier UK have a lot to learn from people like George and Blazie UK.

So with Papenmeier UK and my desk top computer not working right it has not been a good couple of months for me, but that the fun of computing or so they say ?

Right down to the reason why you are reading this little newsletter.

++ 2. Gwen's New Column, A new feature for the DB Techies.

This is a new feature for the DB Techies and one that may continue as long as Gwen wishes to do it, But I have to say first that I was totally taken a back that anyone would ever want to write an article in this little newsletter. So Thank you Gwen for offering to do this for us.

The start of Gwen's Column.

I am Gwen. I am a nurse that has worked with deaf/blind in nursing homes and in prisons. many of my dearest friends are deaf/blind.however there is a story behind this statement. I would like to share it with you!

I am 44 years old, female.

I thought I could see and hear and speak until I made my first deaf friend and that relationship started a spiraling wonderful ride for me and changed my life forever.

I will call her Carrie. She was a friend of a friend. We both went to the same place of gathering on Saturdays and I would sit memorized by her beautiful speech with her hands as she conversed with the group of deaf/blind people that she associated with herself.

My friend had told me about her, how she worked full time in a clothing factory, lived alone and managed life without much assistance.

I finally got up enough nerve to go over to the table shared by people that seemed so different from myself.

I wrote on a notepad my name and that i was a nurse and i felt compelled to introduce myself, Carrie then signed this to the next person and it went around the table. to my astonishment i received a warm welcome and an invitation to sit down and join the party

I did. Turns out it was one of the best impulse decisions I have ever made.

At that point I did not know any sign language let alone how to talk to a blind/deaf person. To say the first encounter was one of confusion to me, is an understatement.

I couldn't let it go, for this group of people seemed to be enjoying life much better than I, and I wanted to know the secret and I wanted and needed to be part of their lives.

We lived in a small town in West Virginia, no where could I find a sign class.

Motivated, I bought the book JOY OF SIGNING and started to learn signs. I taught myself 10 signs a day.

The next week when we all met again, I knew how to say simple things like hi and thank you and how are you?

I memorized all the signs in a little over a month and then bought another book and started again. At the same time I became bonded with all my new friends.

There was one particular man that was deaf and wife deaf/blind, their children were hearing and speaking and seeing. He took me under his wing and begin to help me out with this new found language.his sign name was the American sign  for skunk, as he had black hair with a streak of white down the back.

Now I had two very good friends, Carrie and skunk.

We all started to see each other more often and more sociably. Each day brought new experiences for me, using sign language more often out of necessity I started to become pretty good at it.

What I was receiving in return nourished my heart and soul.

I entered a different world, one that seemed so complex when just an outsider looking into it.

After entering, life took on a new meaning.

It was skunk that taught me how to communicate with the deaf/blind.he also taught me American sign language and not just signing the English language.Long before I had any formal training in deaf/blind culture I new the street wisdom from the heart of skunk. I wish he was alive to read this, he passed away only 2 years after meeting him. I owe him a great deal.

However, all is not wonderful in anyone's world and I became painfully aware of the seeing/hearing people and all the different kinds of prejudice that happens on a daily basis. I didn't like what I was seeing and hearing. I felt like I needed to make a difference and try to change the concept that all deaf/blind people were not living the life of Helen Keller.

mission impossible turned into mission probable, the day i walked into a donut shop with several of my new friends. each of us ordered, in writing or signing, so when it came my turn, the clerk thought i was deaf also and said loudly what do you want. she turned her back and mumbled to another clerk, "i am so sick of these kind of people, they are a big waste of my time. maybe if they were smarter they could talk".

you can imagine her surprise when i spoke loudly back..."i will have a sugar donut and a talk with your boss!" taken back she apologized, did not do any good. i spoke with her boss and she was fired. it was then i knew for sure i had a cause to help fight.

I have never told that particular story to anyone until today, to you, the reader. I never let any one know what was said that day or the fact the clerk was let go. I couldn't bring myself to say her words, until now almost 17 years later.

This article will continue in the next DB Techies, but if you would like to E-mail Gwen, Then I know that Gwen would be very pleased to receive any e-mail letters from fellow DB Techies.

Gwen's e-mail address is: GDHANNAH1956@aol.com

++ 3. The New free.uk.deafblind newsgroup.

I am always trying to think of new ways to help other deafblind people on the net so I have been able to setup a new newsgroup called free.uk.deafblind

I have been trying for weeks to get the big Internet ISP's to pick up this new group but with not much luck as they seem to not be willing to do so for some reason. But just maybe with some more pushing they will think again.

I hope that in time this newsgroup will be a place for deafblind net users to come together and offer some help to each other with helpful information about troubles that other deafblind people may be having trying out the net for the first time.

It may also be a place for family's of deafblind people to come together and talk about what ever they feel like.

I hope that other countries ISP's will think about taking up this new newsgroup so that we can all have a chance to meet on this new group and have a good talk about IT Equipment and many other things that we would like to talk about. maybe we just may meet there one day you never know.

I just hope that this is the first of many newsgroups for Deafblind people, I know that we have a deafblind mailing list but why should we not have newsgroups too.

well if you ever get the chance please come and meet me and other DB readers on this new newsgroup, I would be very happy to talk to you.

It is: free.uk.deafblind

++ 4. The DB Techies may be moving to topica.com.

I have read on the mailing list's that I read that egroup will be adding a lot more ads into newsletters that are sent from egroup.com.

I understand that the people at egroup.com like every one else has to make a living so more ads is only fare, But if these ads get in the way of us reading the DB Techies then I will have to move the newsletter to topica.com.

Topica do have ads to but they are at the bottom and relatively inconspicuous. So if this issue of the DB Techies is full of ads from egroup.com, I will if you like move every one to topica.com, if this  other list owners have had in moving their lists, lock stock and barrel over to Topica.

Topica carry ads, as egroups always have done, but the ads are once again at the bottom and relatively inconspicuous to us.

So if you get an e-mail letter from topica.com asking you to join the DB Techies please do so if you would still like to get the newsletter.

But I will e-mail you all through egroup.com just before I move over to topica.com so that you all know what I am up to.

++ 5. Adaptive Technology for the Internet: Making Electronic Resources Available to All.

This is a free book that we can read on line, it is the full version of the Book by Barbara Mates.

Here is the info about it.

On July 24, the American Library Association (ALA) announced that the full text of Barbara Mates's best-selling book is now online and free to all users. Geared toward librarians planning for the accessibility of electronic resources, the book lays out how to "become ADA compliant, publicize efforts and welcome a new community of users to the library." Technologies covered include HTML coding for accessibility, screen readers, voice recognition systems, and hearing assistance devices. Offered by chapter in HTML format, this book is an invaluable resource for library staff and anyone interested in accessibility issues and electronic resources.

I have read this book and it is worth reading, I was able to download the book Chapter by Chapter and join them together to make the full version as a text file and than to make a brl version for my braille notetaker.  I know that we are the ones who should really know more about access problems than a sighted hearing person when it comes to the net, but I thought that this was a good book full with great information that we should point people to if they e-mail us about problems with accessing there sites.

You never Know ?

Right less of the boring stuff and back to the URL of the Book.

Web site: http://www.ala.org/editions/openstacks/insidethecovers/mates/mates_toc.html

++ 6. Accessing The Internet From The Keyboard The Windows Way.

The aim of the Accessing The Internet From The Keyboard The Windows Way manual is to get visually impaired people who are not yet on the Net and those who are currently on the Internet but still at a learner stage to a more advanced stage of general Net surfing, Downloading, e-mailing, newsgroups reading, using realaudio, Internet shopping, etc, without the use of a monitor or mouse. In other words, the manual concentrates on using screenreaders and keyboard shortcuts. The manual costs ten pounds per copy.

It is available by e-mail transfer or on floppy disk.v

The Table of Contents is as follows:

Accessing The Internet From The Keyboard The Windows Way


John Wilson

Revised 18 June 2000



Available Manual Formats.
Target Group.
Section 1: Introduction.
Section 2: Helpful Tips and Customisation.
Section 3: Using the Internet via an Internet Service Provider (ISP).
What you need to Get connected.
Getting Your Windows PC Set Up for a PPP Connection.
Connecting to Your ISP.
Section 4: Internet Explorer.
Launching Internet Explorer.
Internet Explorer Temp File Cache Size.
Reading Web Pages.
The Internet Explorer Favourites Folder.
Saving a Page in Internet Explorer.
Doing Two Things at Once in Internet Explorer.
Completing Forms.
Section 5: Taster Sites to Find Files and Programs.
Section 6: Web Search Engines.
Starting a Search Engine.
Standard search Engines.
Meta-Search Engines.
Finding Companies.
Finding People.
Finding News.
Section 7: E-Mailing Overview.
Section 8: E-Mailing with Microsoft Outlook Express 5.0.
Pen-Picture of the Outlook Express Screen.
E-Mailing Options.
Sending E-Mail.
Undelivered E-Mail.
Receiving E-Mail.
Finding an E-Mail Message.
Deleting an E-Mail Message.
Viewing Only Specific Mail and News Messages.
Replying to E-Mail.
Forwarding E-Mail.
The E-Mail Address Book.
Saving and Moving E-Mail.
File Attachments.
Section 9: Joining Mail Lists and News Lists.
Section 10: Usenet Newsgroups.
Section 11: Reading Newsgroups with Outlook Express 5.0.
Launching Outlook Express as a News Reader.
Subscribing to Newsgroups.
Deleting a Newsgroup.
Pen-picture of the Outlook express Screen.
Basic Online News Reading.
Filtering News Messages.
Deleting Messages and Headers.
Responding to an Article with Outlook Express.
Introducing a New Topic.
Section 12: Reading Newsgroups with Free Agent Version 1.21.
Downloading Free Agent.
Internet Service Provider Details.
Pen-Picture of the Free Agent Screen.
Online versus Offline News Reading.
Subscribing to Newsgroups.
Navigation in Free Agent.
Changing Preferences.
Keeping News Messages.
Deleting News Messages.
Getting More Help.
Some More Free Agent Keyboard Shortcuts.
Responding to an Article with Free Agent.
Section 13: Downloading Files and Programs from the Net.
File Download Steps.
FTP by E-Mail.
Section 14: How to Find People and Places on the Internet.
Section 15: Different Ways of Connecting to Accounts..
PPP/SLIP Programs.
E-Mail Programs.
Newsgroup Readers.
FTP Up- and Download Programs.
Chat Programs.
Section 16: Internet Shopping.
General Overview.
Security Issues.
Some Good Places to Find Online Shops.
Typical Online Store Purchase Forms.
Shopping Online--A Practical Example.
All-Purpose Screenreader Example.
PWWebspeak Dedicated Web Browser Example.
Section 17: Realaudio Radio, News and Video.
Basic Hardware and software Requirements.
How Does Web Radio Work.
Multiple Radio Sites.
Example of Realaudio Using the Windows Media Player.
Downloading Realplayer 8 Basic.
Pen-picture of the RealPlayer Basic Screen.
Using RealPlayer Basic.
Loading a Clip in RealPlayer.
Searching for things to Listen to or Watch.
The Play List.
RealPlayer Basic Shortcut Keystrokes.
The RealPlayer Basic Favourites Folder.
RealPlayer Help.
Appendix 1: Where to Find More Internet Information
From the Internet Itself.
In Braille.
Compact Cassette.
E-Mail Information.
Appendix 2: List of E-Mail Lists Dealing with Particular Topics of Visual Impairment.
Appendix 3: Some General Websites of Interest.
Appendix 4: Keyboard Shortcuts in Internet Explorer, Outlook Express and Free Agent.
Appendix 5: Glossary of Terms.
Appendix 6: Customers' Comments.
Complimentary Close.


I have added this in to the DB Techies because I thought that some of you may be interested in it. Because many of these Internet manuals are mostly on Tape and not accessible to deafblind people, this one is available as etext through e-mail or on floppy disk.

I have not tried the Internet manual myself so I can not give you my own little thoughts on it, but I have read some info about it else where on text news letters that I read and they give it a good Review.

The Internet manual is Ten pounds.

John Wilson is in the UK and can be contacted through his e-mail address at: jwjw@cwcom.net or on the phone: 0113 2575957

contact him for more information about his new Internet Manual.

++ 7. Stephen King e-book The Plant Part Two.

In the last issue of the DB Techies, We talked about the new E-book that Stephen King had just Published. Well the second instalment of the book the Plant was made available on the Internet a month or Two ago in the PDF format. I have been able to make a text version for us to read.

I believe that I will not be able to get the third instalment of the book, but we will just wait and see what comes up on the newsgroups??

It you want to get the instalments of this book then just follow the info below.

These files are available at: http://www.wilma.co.uk/book.html  and the files names are text version plant2.zip and BRL Version plant2brl.zip

The first part of the Plant book is already on my site.

But using the www@web2mail.com service you will never need to go to my www.wilma.co.uk site to get these files, This is how you can do it using web2mail again

Send e-mail to www@web2mail.com
and on the Subject line put this. www.wilma.co.uk/plant2.zip
Or for the BRL version put this in.

If you did not get the first part of the Stephen King e-book here is how you can get it.

The first part is available at: http://www.wilma.co.uk/book.html  and the files names are text version plant1.zip and BRL Version plantbrl.zip

But using this new www@web2mail.com do this.

Send e-mail to www@web2mail.com
and on the Subject line put this. www.wilma.co.uk/plant1.zip
Or for the BRL version put this in.

If you would like to go to the Stephen King Web site here is the URL:

++ 8. The DB Techies Bits n Bytes News File.

+ Bits n Bytes. Intel recalls 1.13GHz Pentium III.

Intel has recalled its flagship processor, the 1.13GHz Pentium III, confirming that the chip suffers from a glitch that can cause systems to crash.

The announcement follows reports on a number of Web sites that systems powered by Intel's latest chip had crashed when performing certain operations. Intel has confirmed that technicians have been able to reproduce the problems, which it believes occur only when the processor operates within a particular temperature range.

"We found some marginality in the part within certain temperatures within the operating range and certain code sequences," said Intel spokesman George Alfs. "We're not happy with the chip and we're going to pull it back."

Intel will work with OEMs to deal with the problem, but will "accommodate" any customer who wants a refund or replacement. Both IBM and Dell have already stopped shipping systems with the 1.13GHz Pentium III.

Fortunately for Intel and its partners, the chip giant has thus far shipped its latest processor in relatively small quantities, although Alfs declined to give a precise figure. He did, however, say that the glitch has been identified and that the offending circuits will be redesigned (other Pentium III chips use the same design, but only the 1.13GHz part has exhibited these problems).

"We're going to take some time here and rework [the processor]," said Alfs. "We'll have it back on the market in a couple of months."

+ Bits n Bytes, Iinitiatives for Disabled Unveiled.

President Clinton told an audience at Mott Community College in Flint, Mich., that providing access to the Internet and other new technologies for the disabled "is not just the morally right thing to do, it is the smart thing to do."  Clinton announced several new research and training initiatives aimed at assisting the disabled with technology, including $16 million in grants from the Department of Education and $9 million in grants from the Americorps volunteer program.

Clinton also announced that officials from 25 major universities have promised to conduct research into improving access to technology for people with disabilities and that executives from 45 major high-tech firms have agreed to design their products with the needs of the disabled in mind.

Clinton also toured the Assisted Technology Access Center, where he saw some of the devices that may soon assist the disabled.  One of these devices is the Eyegaze system, which allows access to computer and Internet functions through the movement of a person's eyes.

+ Bits n Bytes. Portable Technology Steps Into Electronics You Can Wear.

Levi Strauss and Phillips next month will introduce the ICD+, a jacket that features a built-in cell phone, MP3 player, and headset.  The jacket, which will retail for $900 at exclusive European boutiques, also includes remote and voice-activated controls.  Woven into the ICD+ are an electronic circuit and approximately four feet of wires, which together establish a personal area network, or PAN, to conduct data and power throughout the jacket.

The electronic components weigh only five ounces.  Although Levi Strauss and Phillips are aiming this early model at young people and those who must have the latest trends, they believe interactive clothing will soon find a place in every wardrobe.  Several other companies are working on similar technology.  Motorola and Swatch are teaming on a wristwatch cell phone, while Nike is designing clothes equipped with MP3 players. Tech labs have built concept clothes such as a solar-powered T-shirt.  Levi Strauss is already envisioning the next generation of wearable electronics.

The company wants the devices in its next line of clothes to be wireless.

+ Bits n Bytes. Giving The Disabled Increased E-Access.

The federal government has ordered its member agencies to improve their Web sites' accessibility for people with disabilities. Among the innovations being advocated are alt text, which allows a blind computer user's screen-reading device to interpret graphics and read them, and close-captioning to accompany streaming video and voice-operated commands.  The scope of the project is enormous, with the Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance board estimating costs between $85 million and $691 million.

That represents a significant new market for Internet solutions providers such as Optavia, which says it will concentrate nearly one-quarter of its efforts this year on disability-related business. Although the government has not extended this new policy to commercial Web sites, court precedent suggests the Americans with Disabilities Act does apply to the Internet.

+ Bits n Bytes. Olympic site must race for blind accessibility.

Official Olympics Web site will not be accessible to the blind before the Opening Ceremony.

By Rachel Lebihan, ZDNet Australia

Sydney Olympic Games organisers say it will "not be possible" to make the official Web site accessible to the blind before the Opening Ceremony -- despite an order from the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HEREOC).

"This would cost in excess of AU$2 million and 368 working days to complete," a Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (SOCOG) spokesperson told ZDNet Australia.

A complaint of discrimination was brought against SOCOG in June 1999 by Bruce Maguire -- himself a blind person -- who claimed the official Olympics site was inaccessible to blind people and that it did not comply with the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) guidelines for accessibility.

SOCOG claimed that making such changes "would be hugelyexpensive and hugely time consuming and even place the site at risk".

However, this advice was rejected by the commission, which handed down its decision on August 24.

"[Commissioner Carter] rejected SOCOG's assertions that it is too difficult, too onerous, too time consuming, too risky and too expensive," to make the site accessible in time for the games, Maguires's solicitor Simon Moran said at a press conference, Monday.

Moran said it would cost SOCOG an estimated AU$30,000 to AU$40,000 to make the necessary changes to the site.

Commissioner Carter ordered that SOCOG "do all that is necessary to render its Web site accessible to the complainant by September 15". This would mean including Alt-text tags on all images and image map links, providing access to an index of sports on the schedule page and providing access to the results table to be used on the Web site during the Olympics.

"Most of the olympics.com site can be accessed by Mr Maguire," the SOCOG spokesperson said. "However, IBM's advice to us is that it is not feasible to meet Mr Maguire's demand that real-time results tables be reformatted for his use." IBM were contracted to design the site www.olympics.com.

Moran said that Commissioner Carter had "foreshadowed that these changes might not be made by SOCOG" and had invited Maguire to return to the commission after the games for an assessment of damages if the changes were not made.

"If SOCOG do not make the changes to the Web site that the commissioner has ordered, it will be a deliberate choice that they make to exclude me and other blind people from participating in the experience of the Olympic Games," Maguire said. "SOCOG's management and board have to be held personally accountable for that deliberate, conscious and pre-meditated choice."

Maguire said he would accept the commissioner's invitation to seek damages if the changes were not made. "There's a strong probability that there will be a class action brought by other blind people in Australia against SOCOG," if the changes are not made, Maguire said.

SOCOG wouldn't comment on the commission's decision to assess damages were the changes not made.

"Sydney 2000 is committed to ensuring accessibility to visually impaired users to as much of its site as possible where this can be achieved in a timely and cost effective manner," SOCOG's spokesperson said.

+ Bits n Bytes. Bigger, Better, Faster: Here Comes Internet2.

Internet2's latest advance is the Next Generation Internet(NGI)Initiative's ultra-fast network, vBNS (very high-performance backbone network service), which now links nearly 200 campuses.

The network handles powerful new applications, allowing astronomers, for example, to remotely manipulate telescopes at an observatory in Hawaii from anywhere in the world. Work is proceeding on the Abilene network and on Internet service quality so collaborative medical procedures, for example, will not be disrupted by e-mail traffic. Meanwhile, the University of Illinois at Chicago's Electronic Visualization Laboratory is working on technology that allows users to walk around and inspect 3D images.  The next Internet will link these virtual spaces, called "caves," allowing designers in Germany to look at a car model located in Detroit. Students, too, are expected to benefit from Internet2 technology as universities such as Northwestern allow them to send and receive video from their dorm rooms.

++ 9. Download the past issues of the DB Techies.

If you would like to read the other DB Techies that you may have missed in the past I have made an archive of all the past Issues available in text and in the BRL format for a Braille Note taker. These files are available at http://www.deafblind.com/dbtechies.html  And they are dbttxt.zip this is the text version, and dbtbrl.zip for the notetakers.

You can go to the site to get them or use this method too.

Send e-mail to www@web2mail.com
and on the Subject line put this. www.deafblind.com/dbttxt.zip
Or for the BRL version put this in.

++ 10. The Archives of the DB Techies Newsletter.

I have included a page on my site which will archive this copy of the DB Techies Newsletter, and the last issue of the DB Techies has already been put on to my site, so if you missed the other Editions of DB Techies Newsletter you can get them at

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Please remember that any suggestions about any equipment that would Be useful to Deafblind and blind people, or any information, which would be useful to the readers will be welcome.

Until the next issue which will be on the 3rd November 2000.

"DB Techies" newsletter will be published monthly on the first Friday of each Month. And will be e-mail to the Subscribers.

I wish all the very best to all of you, And Thank you for taken the time to read this little newsletter.

All the very best to you all.


James Gallagher
E-mail James@deafblind.com

End of DB Techies.

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