General Guidelines When Meeting A Deafblind Person.


Treat a deafblind person as you would treat anyone else. Always be natural - never patronising in your questions and answers.

Encourage the use of speech by the deafblind person to lessen the likelihood of their speech becoming unintelligible.

Encourage a deafblind person to use their own initiative and ability, however limited, to express their own ideas and to take interest in new experiences.

When out walking, let the deafblind person take your arm and walk together, do not push them ahead of you, though guides should lead through narrow door-ways or passages and when boarding public transport.

Never abandon the deafblind person in unfamiliar surroundings and indicate when you are leaving, even only for short periods.

Try to avoid getting flustered or upset if misunderstandings arise. Patience is necessary by both parties to allow confidence to grow and to enable any useful relationship/ friendship to develop.

A deafblind person needs your help to become aware of much that is happening in their neighbourhood. They may have a thirst for information and knowledge which you can impart.

A-Z to Deafblindness