by Lauren Cooper
(1964 - 1999)

Laughter, she echoes down the valley;
Laughter, she dances on the stair;
Laughter, she rings through the hills and the dales;
Laughter, she's everywhere.

Laughter, she sits in the tree-tops
Weaving her spell of pure joy;
Filling kind hearts with enchantmeot
That nothing can destroy.

Laughter, clothed in a long, soft dress
Of white with sweet flowers of pale blue;
Her eyes are twinkling emeralds;
Her tears are clear, fresh dew.

Laughter, her hair is soft, warm and fair,
As laughing she gluides through the skies,
Floating, light-hearted, on the cloudless air,
Or laughing through people's eyes.

Laughter, she chuckles in the sunshine;
Laughter, she dances on the moon;
Laughter, she's merry from day-break
Through morning, and way after noon.

Laughter she echoes down the valley,
To ring in your ears all day through;
Laughter, she's never found sleeping ...
She's laughing all night long, too.


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