Lauren Cooper
(1964 - 1999)

Lauren Cooper was a friend of mine, we sent E-mail letters to each other but sadly not enough of them. She was a remarkable woman, who throughout her life never stoped campaigning for the rights of "disabled" people.

Lauren was like myself a deafblind person but she also was partially-spastic so with this as well Lauren was really an extraordinary person in every way.

She never let her disability get in the way of her life. as Lauren said in her own words (Being blind is more than challenging enough. But being deaf and partially-spastic as well make for a real tough life.)

I admired the strength of character which she had and the determination to see through anything which she started.

I have put some of Lauren's Poems on this part of the site, to let others read the beautiful and thought provoking Poetry that was written by her. And in my own little way to honor Lauren's memory.

Lauren had a web site at, it was called Reveller's Refuge,  I do not know how long this site will stay on the net, but if you wish to learn more about Lauren then please go to it.

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