by Lauren Cooper
(1964 - 1999)

With comical pomposity
He struts across the green.
His manners cease as, greedily
He snatches at the grain.
His boundless ecstasy of delight
Puts the other Emperors to flight.

Nudging my hand he fearlessly
Pokes head into the seed-filled jar.
"Hey!  What a pig-ish thief you are!"
He winks engratiatingly:
Head thrust forward, slightly on side,
His pigeon-chest thrust proudly out.
"What's all this arrogance about?"
He nods and throws his wings out wide.

Others from around him fly
Off at the approach of sparrows.  He
Whirls round and glares most balefully,
Then off he goes into the sky.

No thanks they leave behind them.  Shey
All know that I'll be back next day.
No thanks - presumptious little beasts,
To take for granted the spreading of feasts.


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