The TeleBraille.
This is the TeleBraille   [D]

TeleBraille III enables a deafblind person and a person using a TDD (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf) to communicate by telephone. This important aid can also be used for face-to-face communications between a deafblind person and a sighted person.

TeleBraille III is used in 2-way communications, it combines a modified Ultratec Supercom TDD with a modified 20-cell, 6-dot braille display. Typed information is translated and displayed via refreshable braille cells.

The Supercom TDD unit allows telephone communication. Packaged with custom firmware and an added braille keyboard, these units function together as TeleBraille III.

For telephone conversations, TeleBraille III functions as a one-piece device by placing the telephone handset on the acoustic coupler or connecting directly to the telephone line. The braille display is then used for reading and either the braille or standard keyboard can be used for writing.

Picture of two people working with the TeleBraille [D]

By separating the two units, face-to-face conversation is easy. The sighted partner uses the Supercom TDD device by typing on a typewriter keyboard and seeing the messages on a visual display. The deafblind partner keys in messages on the braille keyboard and reads messages on the braille display.

Advanced "Tactile Phone Line Signal" vibrates the 20th braille cell to indicate ringing, busy, or speech signal on the line.

Automatic TDD answering machine records incoming messages memory for 10 messages up to 255 characters each. Connection port for ink printer or braille embosser to print a hard copy of messages.

Keyboard: 46 keys, standard typewriter format Visual display: 20 characters.

Braille Unit Specifications Keyboard: Perkins-style Display: 20 6-dot braille cells.

Using with DOS text Software By adding optional Gateway software and connecting to a laptop or desktop MS-DOS computer, the TeleBraille can be used in DOS applications with popular off-the-shelf PC word processing, database, and spreadsheet application software.

The TeleBraille III was made by Telesensory. But Blazie may bring a new version out soon.

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