by Lauren Cooper
(1964 - 1999)

Fiddle-dee-diddle" the music is playing;
The dancers are kissing, and turning, and swaying.
The great band is booming exultant fanfares;
What happens tomorrow nobody cares.

As to the future - no point in daydreaming -
The truth and the meaning are in "here" and "now"
Each boy is bloom-cheeked and each girl is wild-swooning
At every warm kiss he bestows on her brow.

"Fiddle-dee-diddle" the violin's whining;
The ball's nearly over; soon they will be dining.
Soon they will return to a world of hard learning,
With few hearts to love them and feed their hearts' yearning.

The dancers are parting;
the orchestra's slowing,
The farewells are starting;
Now homeward they're going.

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