World Federation of The DeafBlind

At the Sixth Helen Keller World Conference in Paipa, Colombia, September 13 - 19, 1997, it was decided to form The World Federation of the DeafBlind, WFDB.

After many years of work the conference delegates considered that time now was ripe to take this step.

The conference appointed a committee that will prepare the first general assembly of WFDB.

At the conference a draft charter was presented. It was decided that this draft was to be sent out for comments, and that a revised charter will be presented at the first general assembly. On this occasion, the first democratic elections will take place according to the new charter.

The first general assembly

The committee is aiming to arrange the first WFDB general assembly in the year 1999 or 2000. We hope to be able to arrange it in connection with the next Helen Keller world conference, to emphasize our wish to cooperate closely with the WBU deafblind committee, but also to keep the costs down.

Application for membership

If your organization is interested in joining WFDB, or cooperating with us, please send a letter to the address below (or fax, or email). Please state:

Name of the organization
Name and position of contact person
Official mailing address, telephone, fax, email address if any.
Type of organization (organization of deafblind people, support organization, parents'
organization ... )
Name of newsletter of the organization.

We would also like to know how you wish to receive information. We want to keep the costs as low as possible, so if you have access to email or diskette instead of surface mail, please tell us.

Enter here to read the Charter of the World Federation of the DeafBlind.

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