Some Sign Language Alphabets from all over the world.

I must inform all my Deafblind, Blind and Visually Impaired friends that this section will contain graphics. I must apologize for this but why I am writing this little note is because some of the pages linking to this section of A-Z to Deafblindness will contain graphic images of the Sign Languages from all over the world. Like yourselves I cannot see these graphics and they are pretty useless to me, but perhaps to a sighted hearing person they may learn some signs that may perhaps one day be useful to them if they meet a deaf person. I know that this can be very annoying for us if we visit pages and their is no description. I dislike this very much myself. But perhaps one day someone perhaps a deaf person will give me a full text description of the graphics contained here and of the Sign Language Alphabets from all over this little world of ours. the information on these graphics is useless to us without a text description. But perhaps one day a fully hearing and sighted person who visited this page an seen these images may help a deaf person some how. You never know, so please except my apologies. I hope that I haven't offended you in anyway by doing this but I was prepared to put these graphics on my pages knowing that I couldn't use them myself but I am thinking of sighted deaf people when I decided to put this section on to my pages.

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