by Lauren Cooper
(1964 - 1999)

What a perfect day it would be
In brilliant sunshine,
With my child upon my knee,
My love's and mine,
Who'd croon and laugh and scream
In teething or in tithe.
Oh, far-off, hazy dream
That will never thrive.

Oh summer, casting beams
Around a child's head;
A photo of these dreams
To warm the later, dread
Years of rift and rack,
When child would tear the bond,
Not looking, once, back
At her he'd leave behind.

Once have I heard a girl
Who clambered on my knee
Declare her love for me,
A stranger to her world.

"Play me another tune
Lady, I love you".  Kate,
You won my heart.  So great
The horror and the pain:

I must lose my ear for songs
If I dare to take the weight
Of children.  Many wrongs
Would come, and those too great

For either he or I;
My handicaps bring pain:
My whole instinct must die,
And my tears fall in vain.


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