Australian Organizations For Deafblind People.

Australian DeafBlind Council (ADBC) Committee Members The Australian DeafBlind Council was set upfollowing the National Deafblind Conference in Melbourne in 1993 as a network for deafblind people or other interested people. The purpose of ADBC is to be a national council representing people who are deafblind, their support networks and organisations working in the field. Membership is open to individuals who are deafblind, their families and other support people and organisations serving people who are deafblind and other interested people. ADBC is financed by subscriptions from members and government subsidy (if possible).

The ADBC Executive Committee is composed of the following members: three deafblind members, one family/support person member and three organisational or professional members. The president must be a person who is deafblind..

Carronbank School for Deaf-Blind Children Carronbank school for vision/hearing impaired students is administered by the Directorate of School Education for students across the State of Victoria. Programs range from early intervention to preparation for work/adult placements.
Deafblind Association of South Australia The aims of the South Australian Deafblind Association are, TO advocate and lobby for better services for people with Deafblindness: To inform and promote awareness of Deafblindness and the special needs a person with deafblindness has: To assist in the education of teachers and healthcare workers,to be able to teach Deafblind children and adults : To encourage people with Deafblindness to advocate for themselves at all levels of policy, planning and service delivery, To seek changes in laws and policies to assist people with this disability, To lobby for more effective early detection of Deafblindness and for more timely assistance,especially with education: To be involved in on-going research to examine the extent of consumer partictipation in service planning and provision ,documenting any difficulties by consumers and service providers..
Deaf-Blind Association - Victoria The Deaf-Blind Association provides support to deafblind people and their families. This includes community support, respite, long-term accommodation, recreation, independent living training and specialised information. The Association provides staff training for other organisations and is a central referral point for people with Usher syndrome. The Deaf-Blind Associationís mission is to ensure a lifestyle of independence, dignity and empowerment for its deafblind clients and their support persons, by the provision and promotion of high-quality services, information, advocacy and quality-of-life enhancement programs.

The Associationís Vision is

Service Description
Provides support to deafblind people and their families. Includes community support, long-term accommodation, recreation, independent living training and specialised information. Provides staff training for other organisations and is a central referral point for people with Usher syndrome.

Eligibility Criteria
People with a combined vision-hearing impairment and their families.

Forsight Foundation for the Deaf/Blind The Forsight Foundation for the Deaf/Blind provides accommodation, support and training for people who are deafblind with multiple disabilities (such as epilepsy, paraplegia, cerebral palsy and intellectual impairment). Current research project into Congenital Rubella Syndrome and seeking contacts.
NSW DeafBlind Association - DBA (NSW) Inc. The DeafBlind Association (NSW) Inc. is a peak body for people who are DeafBlind in NSW. It provides advocacy, support and social networking services to people who are DeafBlind. Once a month - hopefully more often in the future - the HandoverHand Club meets on a variety of activities decided by the members. There is a monthly newsletter - Rainbow News.
Renwick College A centre for research and professional studies in the education of children with sensory impairments. The College is administered by the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children and is affiliated with the University of Newcastle.
The Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children.
Queensland Deafblind Association (QDBA)
Western Australia Deaf-Blind Association (Inc.) The WA Deaf-Blind Association supports and advocates for and with people who are deafblind and their families by facilitating, developing, coordinating and maintaining appropriate and comprehensive support services. WA DBA conducts individual needs assessments and is involved in referral and liaison with other agencies. In addition to a small but growing library, information is available through a quarterly newsletter distributed to members, clients and service providers. WA DBA provides training for individual communication programs as well as community education and deafblind awareness.

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